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Track calculates, withholds and pays your taxes every time you earn 1099 income.


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Self-Employment Tax Calculator

Annual self-employment income
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Tax calculations above are estimates and do not consider many aspects of your individual tax circumstance


Track puts your Self-Employment taxes on autopilot 

It's automatic, and you're always in control.


Always know what you owe

Track automatically calculates how much you owe in taxes whenever it sees you earned new business income in your linked bank account. 

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Withhold your taxes from every paycheck

Track helps you automatically set aside the correct taxes you owe on your Self-employment income. 

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Easily track your expenses

Connect your expense account or manually add your expenses to include all of your business deductions and save money on taxes.

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Quarterly tax payments are a breeze

Track submits your quarterly estimated payment to the IRS and State govt. on your behalf so you never miss a deadline.

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Get your tax refund early

Track will transfer back your tax refund at the end of each quarter, instead of with your annual tax return, when you add your expense deductions.

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"Track handles one of my most onerous–but necessary–tasks."

Bénet, Freelance Editor
Baltimore, MD


"Track has cut the time and work spent on my 1099 taxes."

Oli, Freelance Web Developer
Austin, TX


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Get peace of mind when it comes self-employment taxes

  • Instant tax calculations so you know what you owe
  • Set aside enough for taxes each time you get paid
  • Deduct expenses to lower your taxes
  • Submits your quarterly estimate payment to the IRS
  • Includes a free annual state and federal tax return filing (through our friends at Credit Karma)

No credit card required.


Amazing customer service always included.

Track is the tool we always wanted when we were freelancing but could never find. Nothing makes our team happier than making you more succesful and independent.