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Here is how we save you money:

Connect Track to your bank account to stop worrying about taxes.

You get paid
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We help you set aside
money for taxes

April 15th is
just another day

Here's how it works:

Track interacts with you over SMS throughout the year.

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A tax assistant

Track is a tax assistant that communicates with you over text. Over time, Track helps you focus on real work by handling the busywork of calculating and withholding enough for taxes.

Hi there Megan, from now on I will text you when I notice you've made 1099 income, then we can decide how much we need to save for those pesky taxes. Take a deep breath, you're all set. ๐Ÿ™Œ

Tax Withholding

Avoid penalties by always having enough for tax time. Track transfers what you owe in taxes from your bank account to your Track Savings Account (at our partner bank). You can text "WITHDRAW" at anytime to transfer any or all of your funds back.

I see a new transaction on your account. $800.00 on Wed, Mar 6th: 'Transfer from Adam...' Is this related to your 1099 income?
(yes), (no)
Ok! You should set aside $184.00 to cover your taxes. Want me to move $184.00 into your Tax Withholding Account?
(yes), (no)

No surprises

Always know how much of your money is safe to spend and how much you need to withhold for taxes.

Where am I at with my taxes?
Glad you asked, you currently owe $200.00 to be prepared for the next filing on June 15th. I'll make sure we get there together. ๐Ÿ’ช

(More detail at:

No more paperwork

Track will remind you when itโ€™s time to pay the IRS, handling the paperwork, filing and payments for you or helping you do it yourself.

Hi Megan ๐Ÿ™‹, just a heads up it's time to pay your quarterly estimate. You've withheld $3000 so far, would you like like me to pay this for you?
Yes, please.
Good choice, I'll email you a receipt of payment within 24 hours. Have a good day.

Accountant Ready

Accountants love Track. We can email you detailed reports that you can give to your own expert. We can even find you a great accountant at discount!

May I get an updated report, please?
I'm on it. I'll email a detailed report of your 2016 finances in just a few minutes. ๐Ÿ“จ
Awesome, thanks!

Here's how you know you're doing it right:

Track is trusted by amazing solopreneurs, freelancers, contractors and the self-employed.


We use the same protection your bankโ€™s website uses.

Reviewed by
real accountants

Real-life accounting experts regularly review our math.

FDIC Insured
up to $250,000

Your Track Savings Account is in your name at our partner bank.

Benefits all year long:

Here is why you should be on Track.

Save Money

Avoid penalties with the IRS by being prepared for tax day.

Save Time

Calculating what you owe and setting enough aside is as fast as sending a text.

Peace of Mind

Stop worrying, weโ€™ll let you know what to do and when. Know your bottomline.

Less Effort

Answer yes/no questions when you get paid, we'll do the IRS forms for you.


No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

What our clients think:

Track takes away one of my most onerous -- but necessary -- tasks.
Bรฉnet, Freelance Editor
Track has cut the time and worry spent on my 1099 taxes.
Oli, Freelance Web Developer

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